High Five

Hello Friday.  It's always nice to see you.  I miss you when your'e not around.

I love Fridays.

Friday means a respite from work, reconnecting with husband and friends, and getting to look back at my week with gratitude.  I love High Five for Friday, which was Lauren's wonderful idea, because it helps me to be constantly thinking about the things for which I am thankful.  In general, I think we tend to focus on what we want, what we don't have, and what would make us happy instead of looking back with gratitude for what we already have.  So, with that spirit in mind, here are the things from my week that were highlights and high-five-worthy.


1.  A dear friend, Rosie, was here from London.  I had not seen her since we first met in Rwanda, three years ago.  The only way to describe her visit is refreshing and delightful and lovely.  She brought so much joy to Robert and me during her visit and was one of the easiest house guests we have ever had.  Rosie you are welcome ANY time, and we can't wait to come see you in London, whenever that may be.

2.  I ran a race, my first ever, on Saturday morning with my friend Karen.  You can read about that here.  We finished the 5k in 27:34, which made me pretty darn proud.

3.  I spent Saturday afternoon with some of the women most dear to my heart, getting ready for a bridal shower for one of our dear friends, Elizabeth. We baked, cooked, crafted, and most importantly  spent wonderful time together.  Martha, my dear friend who recently moved away, was in town to help & it was a special treat to be with her and her love-of-a-daughter, Simone.
Martha is like a balm for my soul.  I am sure you have friends like that.
The shower was lovely and we got to make Elizabeth feel as special as she is.
(So excited for that wedding!)

4.  I am participating in a photo challenge with my friend Kristal, who is a fantastic photographer.  (Shameless plug for her, check her out!).  I really love photography, but do not have the experience or the equipment to really do what I would like to do.  But Kristal challenged me and some other photo-lovers to document life with a photo a day and post it for each other to see.  I have LOVED how intentional it has made me about finding something beautiful to capture every day.
one of my photos from this week

5.  Another dear friend Marla got engaged this past weekend, which is just pure joy!  I was fortunate enough to get to pray with her before they started dating, as they started, and as they moved toward engagement.  And I am so excited to continue to pray for her
coming marriage.  Will, you are a fortunate guy...but I am sure you know that.

I really challenge you to look back and find beautiful moments from your week.  If you don't stop and look for them, they will be forgotten before you ever have a chance to thank God for them and delight in the fact that they happened!  


  1. Way to go for the 5K!! Sounds like your week was amazing. Have a wonderful weekend. New follower from #H54F.



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