Tuesday, September 30, 2014

please remember not to forget (part 3)

dear self, 
please remember these little bits of nothing that make up all your memories of eden.  these are listed in no particular order. 

eden loves to dance/shake/shimmy.  we do regular dance parties and this happens.  
she loves to talk to animals.  real conversations, with facial expressions and hand motions and everything. what is she saying? please be mine. please let me smell you.  please understand me because the big humans dont.  who knows?

oh and have i mentioned that she loooooves her daddy?  i mean she likes me, and gets that i feed her and all, but she adores him.  first thing in the morning, dada.  last thing at night, dada.  and every other moment in between, dada.  
yeah melt my heart into a puddle on the ground.  these two.
she is so stinking social.  i think the ultimate sorrow in her little mind is to be excluded from...anything where there are humans.  she just loves looking at people, talking to people, playing peekaboo, sitting around a fire pit.  oh and she loves the radabaughs, i think she has a crush on jeremiah. he has a way with the one year old ladies. 
the vast majority of the time, she is smiling.  big gummy smiles because she still has no teeth going on 14 months.  im sure they will come.

i found myself laughing out loud in bed last night because i was picturing one of eden's facial expressions.  i can't describe it but ill get a picture one of these days.  

she signs please and thank you and all done and eat and waives goodbye.  oh and she will high five until your hand falls off.  anyone want to teach her a new trick, you would be more than welcome! 
my cup runneth all the way over

Friday, September 26, 2014

a bourbon-beer-bohnanza-brain-birthday

robert turned the big 2-9 at the beginning of the month.  in other news he might have also turned the big 3-0 in august.  we dont really know.  its complicated when you are born in the village.


robert wanted steak, mixed veggies, potatoes, and chapati.  

ian also thought we should have some raw oysters, so we did that as well. 

little known fact, oysters are hard to get into if you dont have an oyster-opener. how many full grown adults does it take to get one oyster open?  

then friends for bourbon cocktails and beer
and bohnanza of course
and to finish it up, a brain cake for the birthday boy
recipe: watermelon and a knife 
happy 29th/30ish birthday love

Friday, September 19, 2014

what a best friend does

a great friend is great to have
a friend that you can call one of the best, even better

a friend who will accept you and love you is great

a friend who will accept you and love you despite the fact that you are mostly obnoxious and selfish most of the time, even better

a friend who will hang out with you

even though you are not nearly cool enough to hang out with her

a friend who will teach you how to be a wife

except she does not have to tell you how to be a wife
she just shows you by being a wife

a friend who will teach you how to be a mother

except she does not have to tell you how to be a mother
she just shows you by being a mother

a friend who will walk with you through the excitement of pregnancy

and then hold you when you lose that baby before you ever meet her and you can't stay put together

a friend who will walk with you again through the excitement of the next pregnancy 

and loan you cute maternity clothes
and tell you you look beautiful pregnant when you feel fat and sweaty
and take maternity photos of you so that you remember that your pregnant self was, in fact, beautiful

and be there to wait with your family when that baby is coming

and take photos of those first few moments with that precious new life

you should sign up for a friend like that
wherever one signs up for friends

a friend who moves across the country

but still stays close at heart

a friend who opens her home and cares for your baby when you can't be there

and a friend who does a secret baby photo shoot and surprises your on baby's first birthday with said photos

it was amazing to realize that moments of eden's life that i had missed were captured without me knowing and preserved for me forever.  it was like a little bit of magic to open them up in the mail
eden was obviously enjoying her time with greta and her family

seriously people, get a friend like i've got
and you will be doing very very well

love you greta
oh, and i love these photos too


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