Wednesday, October 29, 2014

silly geese and co.

over the weekend we attended a pumpkin party for the littles.  martha and i decided to dress up thing one and thing two as the silly geese that they are.  we use this pattern with a few changes for their costumes and before we were done there were fluff and feathers  but it was worth it to see the 
littles all dressed up for the affair. 

when we arrived we were greeted by our mini hostess, a sweet little baa baa.  throughout the course of the day we were also joined by the tooth fairy, mama bear, indian-skelaton-horse and dino-riding heros, spiderman, and a ninja turtle. eden went bizzerk because the food table, complete with cookies and cheese cubes, was right at her level.  she ate somewhere between 3 and 8 cookies.  
it took me two days to detox her.  lesson learned.
if kids in costumes is not your thing, scroll no further.  
baby baa baa got one of eden's feathers stuck to her mouth. a day in the life of a sheep
simone was a mama bear and just about killed me
os and elijah the gallant and brave.  
it was difficult getting eden into the costume with all the fluff and feathers, 
but once in, i think she enjoyed it
photo cred below to christine who was our hostess  
and then there was our mini hero, fighting crimes and getting throughly passed around 
spider man carved a big bird pumpkin.  obvious choice
there was a wee tee-pee that the kids loved.  we attempted a mini group shot here
evelyn the glowing goose
a father and his goose
our lovely hostess
the men of the agabinson house
team agaba in a tee-pee.  photo cred again to christine 
a group shot after all the sugar was starting to make the little ones mad.  
notice my angelic goose in the back row.
done and done

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

eden says

eden is talking alot these days.  sentences for hours, telling me everything.  except most of it is not understandable to the adult ear.  lots of excited sounds and babbling, but still mostly gibberish.   She does, however, have a handful of words that she says fairly regularly. 
she likes to find the moon in the sky and the point and shout moon- 'mooooo'.  robert taught her that trick.
she also loves to shout please, 'beeeeea', from her crib
she sees a cat - 'ka'
or i tell her to go to the car and she repeats 'ka'
'uh-oh' is her go to for anything dropping
she says both mama and dada to the appropriate parent AND as random babble words
when she is all done eating - 'ah duh'
when we facetime my parents 'ga-ma' and 'pa-pa'
i ask 'eden who made you'? 'ga' (God) is her response
at the end of every prayer 'mayyyyyy meh' in place of amen
'eden do you want a banana?' i ask?  'nananana' she replies
she also lifts up her shirt any time i ask for her belly and tries to tickle robert if she ever sees his.  last night i asked for hers, then she pointed to dada so he showed his belly, then she pointed to me so i showed mine.  it came full circle 
she can also show me, upon request, her ear, mouth and nose.  
she also points to other people's noses alot. 
when we hear birdies in a tree or flying overhead she shouts out 'bir' and points as hard as she can.  the same thing happens with a plane but she does not have a word yet there so she just points.
she also loves to put shoes on, even thought she cant actually do it yet.  I say 'eden on your bum, put your shoes on' and she tries her best.  last night she brought me, in turn, each pair of her shoes for me to put on her.  she is her mama's daughter in that regard.  
i love me some footwear.

she is growing faster than i can reconcile with so im just trying to 
hang on and not miss a beat.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

a quintessential fall outing

there have been a few moments of time recently where i am able to stop, step back, and marvel at the beauty that is my life.  these moments are rare because they require space and room and time, but this weekend i was allotted all of these and so i did just that.  i waited and i watched and i marveled.  

it was a late afternoon potluck in a wide open space, not just emotionally wide open but physically wide open, which seem to go hand in hand more often than not.  it was flannel and chili and cornbread and popcorn and kids with glow sticks attached to them so the dark darkness of the country would not envelope them as they ran wild.  it was the campfire and the smell of cigars.  the seeing many familiar faces and meeting some new faces too.  it was warm, even though it was cold.  and it was the perfect cure to whatever it was i had. it was seeing my husband come alive as he returned to the feel of his childhood, free and open and full of neighbors.  it was watching eden follow the big kids around and become adventurous enough to stray a little ways away.    
eden got to spend time with her godmother, sarah.  sarah took the photo below.  i adore it
gearing up for soccer
little people need to access the food table too people
luke rumbled with the ground
 happy girl eating popcorn
eden with faith on the left and with heather, who watches her thrice a week, on the right
she looks huge to me here on a little atv
 team agaba

this weekend also boasts a pumpkin party with ridiculously cute kiddos all dressed up.  
stay tuned 


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