Monday, October 3, 2016

etta mae is 5 months old

five months is almost six months, which is half a year.  what?  how is that even possible?
at five months etta is super smiley and content and weighs just under 15lbs (just went to the doctor).  she really does have a ready smile, which i love.  i like to think that it means she is going to be a joyful person, a content person.  we shall see. 
she is not sitting independently yet but she is getting stronger every day.  she still prefers to sleep on her tummy and gets all sorts of unhappy if she turns over to her back during the night. speaking of nights, they are just kinda ridiculous right now.  we went on a vacation and im convinced that it takes like twice the length of a vacation in order to get back into good sleep patterns.  she dropped her dream feed for a few nights and slept great but now she seems to need it again and im just kinda over it.  i am ready for her to go down at 7:30 and wake up between 6 and 7 and not submit any requests in the mean time.  is that so much to ask?  truly she does usually sleep pretty well but this week has just been a bit of a shit show.  excuse my french.  
she is hating the car less, which is a big plus since we have done a few longer road trips lately, to the beach and to my parent's house.   it was alarming to me to have a kid who HATED the car for the first few months of her life, especially since all those car commercials show parents putting their babies IN the car and driving them around at night to get them to sleep.  ha, not this kid.  (also not this mama anyway but still)  
yesterday i took the girls to a park and put etta mae in one of the baby swings.  she just flopped her pudgy body over the side and smiled and cooed and just delighted everyone who was watching.  its so sweet to have a baby like her in this season of my life.  its been a rougher one emotionally than i would prefer, for a lot of reasons. and honestly i think God sent me this girl at just the right time.  she really does make my spirit lighter.  
its been a real pleasure etta mae.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

LARCation, Part One

who you do life with shapes your entire existence.  really i am more and more convinced that the 'who' in the journey is just as important (if not more important) than the 'what' and the 'how' and the 'when' and the 'where'.  in our case, we do life with an incredible group of people here in rva.  and some of those people, eighteen of us to be exact, just spent a long weekend at the beach in carolina.  

the entire time i was there i felt the urgency to write and record and document because the whole thing felt like a dream.  i remarked to more than one person that i could not believe we were actually on vacation together and that i knew it was a great trip because i kept feeling like i needed to pinch myself to believe it was actually real. you see i have always considered that i hit a ridiculous jackpot when i landed at our church and in the community group where i initially met most of these folks.  i knew i was no where near cool enough or artsy enough or creative enough to hang in the game with them, but for some reason they just kept letting me hang around.  and i think part of me keeps waiting for the day when they realize that im not up to par. but until then, ill keep pinching myself.

our time together was unique for a number of reasons.  one of the primary factors was that i really love all of the kids who were on the trip.  all six of the big kids (there were also three babies) are super fun, creative, polite, obedient and hilarious.  so part of what i was looking forward to was being with them.  and i was not disappointed.  each of them made the trip special and the three babies just had all us grown ups enchanted with cuteness (even if they did collectively keep us parents awake at night and wake us up far too early).  these are the kinds of kids who i want hanging around my daughters.  the kinds of kids i want eden and etta to be like.  the boys i want to arrange marriages with. so it was great on that front.  

obviously it was also unique because of the grown ups.  the seven other adults on the trip are some of the men and women whom i most admire.  they are women who have challenged me and encouraged me as a wife, friend, mother and believer.  they are men who have encouraged my husband and lifted us up as a family.  these women have sojourned with me through some of my darkest hours.  and so having the chance to get away for a few days, with no work or life or stress to sort through and just hours and hours of time stretched out before can see where i am going with that.

in this post ill just share a few of my very favorite photos, and then ill share some more in a post to follow.  there is no real order to them, they are just a few of the photos that capture that feeling i had of wishing i could just pause it and savor it.  

Saturday, September 3, 2016

etta mae is four months

the fall months are rolling in and we have a healthy and happy four month over here at the agaba house.  we are more and more in love with etta mae each day, especially because each day begins with a full night of sleep.  you see little miss had gotten in the rotten habit (mostly because mama helped her develop the habit) of waking MULTIPLE times a night needing to be pacified.  granted, all it required was a quick paci pop, but it meant that i had to get up multiple times.  AND she had started waking at 4:30 wanting to eat.  i was...not in favor.
so we did three nights of sleep training, which went really really well and were not nearly as bad as they could have been, and now homegirl is sleeping 7:30-6:30/7 with a dream feed at around 10:30.  hoping to drop that dream feed soon because i would still love to get to bed before 11.  

as far as how she is doing, she is really just delightful.  she does get a mean fuss going in the early evening which, unfortunately, is most of the time that robert gets with her.  but all day long she just coos and smiles and drools and spits up.  and the spit up has really increased lately.  so thanks for that.  
robert made the point the other day that we noticed, and were fascinated by, every single little change with eden.  the movements and smiles and laughs and rolling over and even things like finding her toes.  and how with our second, its going by so much more quickly and so much unnoticed.  he is right in that i am not paying nearly as much attention to the details of development this time around.  i do want to try and savor this process with etta, but life is just so fast right now (read eden is just so fast right now) that i just cant seem to zero in on her long enough to take in the micro-changes.  my resolve for her fifth month of life is to pay attention.  alot could happen this month.  sitting, scooting, lots more rolling, teeth (although im not expecting those any time soon since eden was 17 months before her first one popped out).  
one thing i really love about her right now is her ready smile.  recently a friend asked me about a really cute video of etta smiling and asked me what in the world she was smiling so much about.  and i just told her, it was me.  she was just looking at me.  she also always looks like she is trying to say something, like just about to say it.  of course, she doesnt cause she cant.  

four months in and we are bigger and bigger fans.  life with these little ladies is exactly what the doctor ordered 


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