Friday, September 19, 2014

what a best friend does

a great friend is great to have
a friend that you can call one of the best, even better

a friend who will accept you and love you is great

a friend who will accept you and love you despite the fact that you are mostly obnoxious and selfish most of the time, even better

a friend who will hang out with you

even though you are not nearly cool enough to hang out with her

a friend who will teach you how to be a wife

except she does not have to tell you how to be a wife
she just shows you by being a wife

a friend who will teach you how to be a mother

except she does not have to tell you how to be a mother
she just shows you by being a mother

a friend who will walk with you through the excitement of pregnancy

and then hold you when you lose that baby before you ever meet her and you can't stay put together

a friend who will walk with you again through the excitement of the next pregnancy 

and loan you cute maternity clothes
and tell you you look beautiful pregnant when you feel fat and sweaty
and take maternity photos of you so that you remember that your pregnant self was, in fact, beautiful

and be there to wait with your family when that baby is coming

and take photos of those first few moments with that precious new life

you should sign up for a friend like that
wherever one signs up for friends

a friend who moves across the country

but still stays close at heart

a friend who opens her home and cares for your baby when you can't be there

and a friend who does a secret baby photo shoot and surprises your on baby's first birthday with said photos

it was amazing to realize that moments of eden's life that i had missed were captured without me knowing and preserved for me forever.  it was like a little bit of magic to open them up in the mail
eden was obviously enjoying her time with greta and her family

seriously people, get a friend like i've got
and you will be doing very very well

love you greta
oh, and i love these photos too

Thursday, September 18, 2014

summer round up

ok so summer is coming to a close pretty soon and im just not ready.  if it were possible to will summer to remain just by holding on tightly to the smells and sounds and memories, believe me, summer would never end.  

this summer has been incredible because i watched it unfold through eden's eyes.  it turns out she loves being outdoors. she loves the water, she loves the sunshine, she loves the dirt and the sky and all things summer.  and so i appreciated summer in a new way this year and am looking back, savoring all the sweaty sweetness as we slip into fall.

oh, a photo round up?
don't mind if i do.
robert and eden at my childhood home, on the back porch.
this picture just says summer to me.  i love it 
finally meeting our new friends heather and ben
catching up with friends from our high school days, many baby girls later
spending time with dear friends who live far away
'hello its me eden, and im loving this summertime life'
a visit from the cross family. lots and lots of hugs
 and driving cars in eden's hair
and more hugs

all the mamas and daddys of all these littles went to ur!
lots of time spent with friends at the splash pad
thanks summer, its been real

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

mr. and mrs. haun, the wedding

this summer i had the honor of being a maid in the wedding of my life long friend brittany and her new husband colin. i shared the rehearsal dinner here.

the wedding was at a beautiful barn out in the middle of a field with mountains dotting the distant skyline.  it was so romantic and dreamy, i got swept up in it and floated around all night just enjoying the bliss of being with my people from my whole life.

i did not get many photos because i was in the moment, not capturing much of it.  some are blurry i phone shots.  i did not manage to get a single shot of the groom...but here are some of my favorites. 
seriously people, a beautiful bride
friends since we were five
kristina gets the award for most gorgeous 7 month pregnant matron of honor
magazine worthy
eden had a grand time at the wedding
i got to be in the wedding of a life long friend (who was in my wedding) WITH other life long friends, (who were also in my wedding).  who in the world has friends like this?
my parents have also know brittany her whole life
team agaba
"when you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of ',me too', be sure to cherish them.  because those weirdos are your tribe"
and of course a cake fight as we are 'cleaning' up from the party.  
done and done


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