Monday, August 29, 2016

Mary Poppins Video

here is the short video i pulled together of the poppins party.  i did not have much clear video so most of this is not super clear, but its for posterity...

Poppins Party from laura agaba on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

mini poppins turns 3

eden has been obsessed with mary poppins since we went and saw the musical last november.  a phenomenal youth theater company (character works) put on an incredible performance, headed up by our dear friend jeremiah as bert, and eden was enthralled.  in fact, she loved it so much she begged to go back again and we did again a week later. and since then she has been memorizing the songs, quoting the lines, and dreaming about mary and her magical world. 
 (michael, jane, andrew the dog and mary)

and this makes me so happy by the way, that such a classic story caught her attention and held her captive for so long.  i just have to say, girl's got taste.
so when it came time to plan her third birthday i had the idea to do a surprise poppins party.  she knew she was having a party but she had NO idea that i was planning to blow her little mind with poppins food, music, decor and even, you guessed it, the lady herself.

right before her party she came into the bathroom as i was covering my face with 'soot'...

e: mommy what are you doing?
m: im dressing up as a chimney sweep.
e: but what can I be?
m: mary poppins!!

and then giggles and smiles and so so many 'thank you chimney sweep'

we had a ruler to measure all of the friends, and jessi dutifully recorded each child's description of themselves.  eden, of course, was practically perfect in every way.
and i may or may not have gone slightly overboard with the food.

mary poppins corn

rum punch (for the grown ups)
mary POPpins (for the kids)
barley water
jolly holiday penguins
uncle alberts croissant sandwiches 
michael and janes pb&j's
sufragette salad
a spoonful of fruit salad

 oh and chimney sweeps, of course

elise made these darling favors for everyone.  delicious little spoons full of sugar

after everyone had time to eat, we had a spoonful of sugar race (which was kinda chaotic but entertaining) and made kites before our special visitors arrived.  

in hindsight the kites were a bit of a disaster; we needed better supplies and more time to let things dry.  but the kids had fun so there's that.

we also had a chalk area with a square for each kid to draw on.  

jeremiah and ally gladly agreed to come in character and it was absolutely perfect.  i mean it made eden's little life, and it was a huge highlight of mine.  and eden's little friends (and some of their parents) dressed up as suffragettes, chimney sweeps, michael, jane, and other characters.  when the special guests arrived eden was literally immobilized.  yall the girl never stops moving, and never stops talking.  but she stood there like this, silent, for their whole performance.  afraid to breathe in case she was just dreaming.  all the kids were enraptured.  one of them even whispered to me 'is mary really going to fly away?'
mary and bert finished their performance and led a round of happy birthday.  then they graciously stayed to chat with all the little people.  eden was in heaven chatting with mp about all the things they have in common and what mary does in her movie.  i died just listening in.  and blessed mary and bert stayed in character the whole time.
eden was really just so sweet and this photo below was taken right after she turned to me and said with the utmost sincerity 'thank you for taking such good care of me chimney sweep'

as the party ended and everyone took advantage of photo ops with mary and bert, i just looked around and felt so satisfied.  not that the party had gone well, not that the food had turned out, but that i had such a village with whom to do life.  eden's life has been so blessed because of the people who surround us.  i am the mother that i am because of the mothers who are bringing up their little people next to mine.  
before i close i just have to brag on this guy.  how many 17 year olds are actually the kinds of guy that adults, peers, and little kids ALL want to be around?  jeremiah is the most kind hearted, cool, talented young man and we are just blown away by the man that God turning him in to (and eden may or may not have a big crush).  we love you so much jeremiah and without you, this whole mary poppins adventure might never have started. you are the best, bert!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Eden is three

eden is three! 
and she is crazy, and fun, and dramatic, and emotional, and passionate and a die hard fan of team agaba.

life goes by so quickly and i rarely take time to really consider the weight of things.  i notice and try to remember, and document, but still precious moments just slip by.  and somehow, without me even realizing it, three entire years have slipped through my fingers like sand.  i promise you its not for lack of trying to hold on.  its not for lack of trying.  its just an impossible thing to freeze time, or even slow it down.  i have enjoyed eden's life so so much and i have tried so many times to figure out how to keep her little.  but its all for naught, and she is growing up in spite of me.  and this is a reality that both thrills me and fills me with sorrow. 
when i say that i have enjoyed eden's life, what i really mean is that being her mother is the most incredible gift and i never could have imagined how wonderful she would be.  she is an incredibly vibrant, joyful, crazy, wild and affectionate girl.  she learns quickly and is endlessly curious and shares herself freely with those she loves.  she is, without exception, the most outgoing and social human being i have ever encountered.  her love is huge.  she loves her people and her life so so hard, and its just fascinating to observe.  she bounces and runs through her days, only ever walking when she's in need of a nap.  her memory is a thing to behold, for better or worse.  she remembers the tiniest snippets of experiences and conversations and recalls them at the most random times.  at least they seem random to me.  i am sure they make perfect sense to her.  
and dont get me wrong.  she can be incredibly stubborn and difficult and she never stops talking.  seriously, unless i invoke my right to silence and sanity, she would literally talk to me allllllllllll day long.

and she is me, in so many ways. some of them thrill me like how she is social and talkative and loves to have an audience.  some of them worry me like how she is stubborn and strong willed and can be incredibly a bit overwhelming for introverts.  

but then she is also robert.  she is goofy and silly like him and loves to make people laugh and smile.  and she loves rwanda and learning anything and everything about it. 

and she is also so much her own person with opinions and thoughts and likes and dislikes and habits and quirks and all these magnificent things that God put in her alone.  just in her. she is my goose, my eedie beedie, my isimbi, my peanut butter, my eden
she says things to me like 'mama look at you like my beautiful?  and 'mama, great job cutting those tomatoes, im very proud of you, you are a great helper.'  

she frequently looks at me and asks me to smile (which she pronounces 'smyo').  and when i do, she says 'you love me, i know.  and you will always always love me and always forgive me even when i disobey.  because you love me'

she loves when people read to her and has a million questions about every illustration, right down to the expressions on peoples faces.  
she is memorizing Bible verses and the children's catechism and she asks me endless questions about God and the 'Holy Goose'.  she loves to pray, especially after being disciplined, and she seems to genuinely want to understand more about who God is.  

she adores her baby sister and talks to her in a silly high pitched voice.  she loves to pet her head and tickle her and tell her all sorts of things.  

she loves her best good friend evelyn with all her little heart.  

she loves her cousins and uncles and aunts, even uncle paul who threatens to put her in the garbage can.  

she thinks her gramma j hung the moon and that dr. papa j can make anyone feel better (and its true, he can).  

and she loves robert and me so well.  she loves to take care of us, tells us she misses us when we go, asks us if we are 'peeling well' and reminds us that she really thinks that we are wonderful (wandypoll)
i could go on and on, as i am sure any parent could, about the glories of watching your child grow and learn and become who they are.  especially a first child, when every single phase they go through is an entirely uncharted course.  

i just have to say it has been an amazing journey so far, and i am so glad that i get my front row seat to the eden show.  let me tell you, there is never a dull moment.  wonderful, yes. exciting, yes.  heart-warming, yes. frustrating, yes.  exhausting, yes.  but dull, not even a chance.  


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