Thursday, February 23, 2017

Charleston 2017, Part TWO

another element of our trip to charleston was the oyster roast we went to with my cousin.  i have had oysters plenty of times but robert has only had raw ones and he was not too huge of a fan.  but let me say here and now, the man loves steamed oysters.  
the roast was hosted in really beautifully laid out back yard.  i did not really get good photos of the yard space but i was taking mental notes for my one day dream backyard.  a local musician was playing and singing, creating a really cool summer vibe.  and the table with the whole in it for dumping shells was so brilliant.  
all four agabas ate our share (and maybe a bit more).  especially considering we were party crashers.  the roast was yet another thing that is on our list of 'lets do agains' and im already scheming about how to pull off an oyster roast in rva this summer.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Charleston 2017, Part ONE

over presidents' day weekend we went on a trip south, stopping in durham to break up our long drives, but with an ultimate destination of charelston, sc.  let me tell you, we only got a taste and i am already itching to go back and get a much bigger dose.  
we stayed with my cousin at her charming house right on the water (which you can't see above because it was high tide).  after a long drive, her back deck and hammock were exactly what we all had in mind.  
we spent that evening with her and some other family, and then were up the next morning early to hit the streets of charleston.  we spent alot of the day at the south eastern wildlife exhibition (sewe) which i will share in the next post.  but we also got to spend time just roaming and taking in the beauty of this charming old city. it was warm, in the seventies, and being outside in a city with so many trees was just idillic.  the architecture is so beautiful and colorful; a visual feast.  i almost had the feeling that the different buildings and storefronts had their own personalities.  it was enchanting.  

the trees in the downtown area are staggering.  gorgeous live oak trees with spanish moss and fantastical palmetto trees that immediately communicate that you are somewhere warm and magical. we kept thinking about how nice it would be to climb them, mabye go on a tree climbing tour of the city.  maybe one day, with clinch boys in tow.  

i drove robert up a wall with all the stopping and photographing.  but give me a break right? how could i not? this picture with the big white wall and the palmetto was the one that he was particularly unexcited about.  we had to wait for cars to go by and for just the right moment.  but once i see a photo in my mind, i just have to go about making it happen.
when i found this wall in an ally i quickly whisked eden away and told robert not to worry about it, id be right back. as a side note, this is eden's favorite dress. she has it in two colors and there is pretty much no point in me asking if she wants to wear anything else at all.  its just those two dresses.  every.  day. 
in the old market we found a vendor selling ridiculously huge lollipops and it was difficult to say no to eden in such a bewitching city.

ill post about sewe in the next few days.  but lets just say for now; charleston we pledge our love and devotion and we will be back.  maybe without the kids.  and with a few other couples...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Questions and Answers with Eden: A Video

eden is so incredibly entertaining at this age.  i never make it through a day without laughing out loud at something she has done or said.  

recently i sat eden down and asked her a series of questions. a friend of mine, who continually inspires me, had done something similar with her daughter and i loved the idea of asking eden to just say what comes to her mind, and capturing it on video.  so, here are some questions and answers with eden (and etta).  

*as a note, eden answers all food questions with 'chocolate and donuts' because while i was filming this Robert was out getting donuts.  she has a one track mind.  


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