I ran a 5k race this weekend.  

Don't let my title fool you, I did not come in first, this was a first for me.
I always said I would never ever ever get into running.  
I hated it, it hated me.  It was not pretty.  

But a few months ago I finally gave into to my husband, 
African running machine that he is, and decided to train with a good friend 
Karen and run a 5k.  
We did the "couch to 5k" plan, and before I knew it, I was really enjoying running.  

We had lovely runs down this beautiful Ave, Monument.

And by Saturday morning 
I was really excited to run the race.

The weather was perfect.

The music was playing.

We had an awesome fanning section (the verb 'to fan', which is what my husband calls cheering) which included Robert, my dear friend Rosie, the Radabaugh family, and another friend Joel. 

Even though I had an ache in  my side the ENTIRE time, 
Karen talked me through it and we finished in 27:34!

Robert was so proud of me.

 It was a wonderful first!  And certainly not a last.