11 weeks

another week has come and gone and now our little a is 11 weeks, the size of a lime! there is not much new to report on the "how i feel front"...its more of the same.  in case you missed it, 'the same' means nausea, vomiting,  exhaustion (for which sleep is not the cure), severe aversion to physical activity, severe pregnant brain, and a love affair with my bed...i love bed.

a few other notes...

cravings: nothing in particular, other than thai food and smoothies. it seems to be the general rule that whatever sounds good to me at the moment sounds AMAZING, and whatever does not sound good...makes me want to...you know what.  (one day recently a blue ice-e at the movie theaters sounded good, and it was, in fact, the most delicious thing I have ever had)

positives: i know that baby is strong because i have so many symptoms.  so that is something that keeps me happy even when im...you know what. i am also loving all the talking, praying, planning, hoping and dreaming that comes with being pregnant.  and also robert lets me lay around and not do anything, and is incredibly patient about it, which makes me love him even more (note: robert is convinced that i have a certain hormone in me now that the baby is releasing that is called the love hormone.  he says no baby wants to be born in a home where the parents argue, so it releases a hormone that makes the mom love the dad so much that she never wants to fight with him...)  

negatives: because i can't keep food down, i have lost weight and i have no real baby bump to show yet. i want one!  i can't wait to see a marked difference (note: some days i think i maybe have one and then i remember i am super constipated and am just bloated...) i also can't stay out past eight or so because i am so tired and sick, and thus my social life is dwindling... 

also: i told robert that our baby is now the size of a lime, to which he replied "laura i need a bigger baby, a lime is not going to cut it".  i love robert 

12 weeks here we come!

photo credit to the fantastic Christine Lu 
lime credit to the fantastic E Sull


  1. I love this! So cute and happy for you!

  2. lime credit?!?! ;) jk jk happy 11 week birthday baby lime!!!

    1. e sull ill make that edit! can't believe i left you out. people could think that that was my lime!

  3. Great to get lime support from your friends. Even if they do want credit for it.
    I love seeing what size Bambino/a is now.

  4. I like Robert's theory about the love hormone... we should all just embrace that as truth - it's awesome! I'm going to tell Ian all about it tonight.
    and P.S. you are beautiful.. and skinny girl! where are you keeping that lime??!

  5. Replies
    1. so glad to know, i was beginning to wonder. i wish there were a test people could take to find out if they are robots. and im skinny cause i puke all day...its a wonder diet, however i dont recommend it

    2. oh and also, its E Sulls lime, so she keeps it ;)


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