A Rosie Disposition

I am so excited because my friend, Rosie, who I have not seen in over THREE years, 
is coming to RVA to visit me...tomorrow!  

I met Ms. Rosie in Rwanda, but she is from England.
She has one of those accents that makes you want to agree with everything she
says because it just sounds so pleasant.

She, and another love, Lucy, came to Rwanda for a few weeks in the summer of 2009.  
My sister was also visiting at the time, and the four of us had a great time together.  

 Rosie and Lucy

 Yummy dessert at Chocola 

Silly friend 

We have not seen each other since, but it feels like we are dear old friends.  
And seeing her will be such a delightful treat.

I can't wait to make new memories with Rosie here in VA.  
And I know that any of you who get to meet her will love her like I do!