when miles separate you bodies, but not your hearts

while we were home in washington we got to spend a good amount, albeit, not nearly enough time, with the banister family.  greta was one of my dearest richmond friends, and now has become one of my dearest washington friends.  if you picture in your mind a graceful, beautiful, gracious, funny, smart, gentle, strong woman. thats her. thats great you are thinking of. 
she and her family graciously hosted eden and me while we were traveling around.  she has two little girls, each one as delightful and sweet as can be, and she kept eden for me the first two nights i had ever left her with someone.  i was really upset about it but she was all reassurance and confidence that eden would do great.  and she did.

being around greta and her family is like stepping into a quite and serene little world where everything is lovely and peaceful and delightful.  i could have camped out in that little world for a lot more than a few days.  i wrote about our trip to my home town here.  
greta with my daughter and hers on the fourth of july
eden and me
our families minus eden


  1. the girls are so sweet together! great pictures of greta and eden together at the end..:)


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