harbor days

while i was home in washington this month i was able to spend a few hours here and there in the little harbor town where i grew up.  its one of my happy places and stealing away to the quaint and peaceful waterfront made my visit home all sorts of special.  one of the greatest joys during my stay in washington was taking one of my very best friends and her daughters (who are from virginia but recently moved west) to the harbor.  it was one of those moments where your worlds collide and people from you current life get a glimpse into your past life.  it was so wonderful to spend a morning with my mother, greta, and her girls.  

i also got to back down to the harbor with my mother, gail, and my sister and her family.


  1. Such lovely ladies! It's so awesome that all of you guys were able to get together in one place and wonderful that Eden got to get a glimpse of where her mama grew up!

  2. Wonderful pictures! My goodness those girls are growing fast. I can't believe how old Psalm looks! I'm glad you got to have such a sweet time reminiscing and showing friends around :)


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