Reboot, two weeks in

i have been doing my clean eating reboot with arbonne for two weeks now and the results are blowing my mind.  yes, the physical results are great:  i am back in to most all of my pre-pregnancy clothes which is so convenient since i have to wear clothes every day and i was not able to fit into most of them.  in addition to the physical results, the way i feel has just really amazed me.  i used to crave food, snacks, junk, treats...nearly non stop.  every time i finished eating i was thinking of what i would get to eat next.  not a great way to go through life.  but after two weeks i am so much less manipulated by food.  don't get me wrong, i still really enjoy it and want to eat it, but its not like i think about it all day like i used to.  and i feel satisfied when i eat, instead of thinking about how i wish i could have more.

i also feel more rested even with little sleep.  its just clearer and clearer to me that my body can do amazing things when i fuel it well and think about what i am putting in my mouth.

week 2:

total weight loss:   -6 lbs
total girth loss:   -5 inches around my waist
feeling: like a rock star, and not afraid to have my picture taken 

favorite meal thus far:  tacos!  i made the seasoning and it was so much better than any time i have used a packet.  obviously i did not have a tortilla but i did some guac, tomatoes, olives and lettuce.  delish. 
favorite snack thus far:   still loving some apples and almond butter, but also carrots and hummus and rice crackers and almond butter
favorite shake recipe: vanilla protein, almond butter, coconut milk, cinnamon, cloves, kale. mmmmm
milk supply:  still trucking along 
realizations: its possible to put clothes on in the morning and feel great in them!

2 more weeks to go!