Reboot, one week in

warning:  this is uncomfortable for me to share...but im going to.

i have a 10 month old and, while i love her dearly, i do not love the bits of me that are still out of whack after having her. additionally, i have historically had a bad relationship with food, in that i eat in response to emotions instead of in response to legitimate nutritional needs.  this has been a big part of the story of my life, this give and take with food.  and, for a while now, i have been wanting to do something about it.  i have tried so many different eating plan-diet-detoxes over the course of my life.  i have had success at times, but nothing has ever taught me how to think about food...

so i decided to do a reboot with arbonne and i am now one week in.  it is a 28 day eating plan that provides meal plans, grocery lists, snack ideas, and accountability through a facebook group.   you replace one to two meals a day with delicious vegan arbonne protein shakes, adding in a wide variety of approved ingredients (which there are recipes for as well) and you eliminate some things from your diet which are just not all that great for your body or your gut. you also supplement with vegan, GMO free, plant based energy, fit chews, fibers boosts and other pure and safe supplements.  the idea is to re-train your body about what you want, why you want it, and when you want it.  you eat alot, you don't deprive yourself of food.  you just make smarter choices about that food.

i am going to blog each monday with my progress as i move through this process so that you can all follow my journey.  it is a bit uncomfortable, but i want to make myself do this.

week 1

total weight loss:   -3.6 lbs
total girth loss:   -2 inches around my waist
feeling:   great, still would love some cheese, but mostly not craving things that i am not permitted to eat 
favorite meal thus far:   chicken fajitas
favorite snack thus far:   green apple with almond butter
milk supply   (because i still breast feed):  pretty much unchanged, i am making sure to take my fenugreek.
realizations:  i used to eat alot of random junk all day and not even think twice 

stay tuned for next week's update.  and please let me know if you would like more information about this re-boot.  i would love to watch your journey as well!