congratulations robert: part one

we spent last weekend celebrating our grad.  i am so proud of robert, which you can read about here. it was a three day event, ill share day two today.

on saturday we had a joint graduation party for robert and his friend kevin.  the guest list was huge and we had well over a hundred people in attendance, including nearly 40 children.  so many of the people that we love most in the world were in attendance and it just felt so surreal to be celebrating something that i used to think would never happen.  and by 'never' i dont actually mean never, but it just felt like it was a very long way away.  

the party was held at the home of dear friends, the chandlers, who have known me my whole life.  they were incredibly generous in opening their home to our crowd.

we had some beautiful and delicious food
so many people came to celebrate the guys
both grads had some fancy neck pieces 
all the hostesses
robert and all his african friends
 eden with our dear friend romesh, who also happens to be her pediatrician.  
she was biting his nose.
 community group friends and old professors 
parenting class reunion.  the wonderful radabaugh family taught us along with brad and kate
uncle robert and florence 
sweet sloane
my dear sister with eden and florence
it was a b.y.o.b(aby). event apparently.  
so many of my favorite little girls in the same place!
and so many of the people that i love in the same place!
well done robert.  it was a pleasure celebrating you!


  1. You all pulled off a beautiful happy for your man!

  2. yay. what an amazing journey it's been for you guys. congrats to you both!


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