robert agaba: class of 2014

this weekend is a really big weekend for our little agaba family.  



and really really significant.  

my husband robert, who was born a refugee in a rural ugandan village, attended primary and secondary schools in multiple languages in 3 different countries, graduated high school at the age of 21 (after his genocide-devastated home country was put back together and local education finally resumed), moved to america, got married, started college at the age of 25, balanced being a husband, student, intern, friend, athlete, and father...

is now graduating from the university of richmond, and graduating very well 
and it is pretty stinkin fantastic if i do say so myself (and i do say so myself...alot)

robert i am inexpressibly proud of the man you have become.  you are hard working and smart and i admire you so deeply. you are a wonderful father and i am so thankful that eden will grow up with you.  i can't wait to start this next chapter of life with you as we trust God together for our life after college!
congratulations love!    


  1. Robert is an incredible person! So proud of him and happy for your family! You guys have accomplished a lot in your first few years of marriage... as great as they've been, albeit hard... the best are yet to come for sure!

  2. I am thrilled for you and robert about this! What a wonderful milestone to be able to celebrate this weekend :)


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