set it straight

ok so it occurs to me that i need to set something straight.  i know that i write alot about how much i love when i get days with eden like these ones (and today cause we are closed for snow AGAIN) and how much i wish i could stay home with her every day.


i need you people (whoever you are) to hear me that i am so thankful for my job and i really have it so good.

1.  i have an awesome child care situation.  sarah loves eden, takes excellent care of her, takes excellent care of me, is a joyful servant, and is a delight to see twice a day.  eden is safe, happy, and well loved all day by sarahs siblings and parents.  so i am so so blessed there.

2.  i have great hours at work.  i can drop her off at 8 and have her back by 4.  i realize how good i have that situation.  i also have time at work to pump and so i am able to still be breastfeeding almost 6 months in, which i know not every working mom is able to do for a plethora of reasons.  so i am blessed there.

3.  i have a job that i like.  no, i dont LOVE my job (i love staying home with eden).  but i really like it and there is no job i would rather have if i have to be out of the house.  my boss is very understanding and flexible and i am so thankful for my position.  it pays the bills and i enjoy it.  so i am blessed there.

4.  i have a network of working mamas including some very close friends AND my sister AND a mama who did it for years... so i am not alone in this!  i never have to wonder if anyone else knows how i feel.  cause julie, kristina, christine, martha, elise...and many other mom-friends do.  so i am blessed there.

i guess i just need you to know that im not unhappy all the time and miserable at work.  im thankful for work, and will be thankful when i can stay home.  i know God has us in this place in life for a reason and i know he will continue to provide spiritually and physically for each season we are in.

also this picture

ok bye.


  1. that PICTURE! How will i wait a week to squeeze her???


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