a few stollen days

we had monday off from school in honor of the late dr. martin luther king junior.  but then we had tuesday and wednesday off due to...you guessed it...snow!  well not really.  let me splain...

there was this big snow storm coming on monday night, so all the schools closed for tuesday.  and then tuesday not a flake stuck to the ground all day and eden and i enjoyed a lovely snow day with no snow. i could not help feeling like i had cheated...but hey it was not my call.  

then tuesday evening snow began to fall in ernest and schools were called for wednesday.  so i got a federal holiday and two snow days and today schools got a late start and I decided to stay home with sicky.  and here we are.  its thursday afternoon and i still have not stepped foot at work this week!

of course i took advantage of all the time with sweetness and captured a few moments.  she had a cold so she was the full range of smiley, fussy, hollering, sleepy, passed out...on repeat.  it was actually pretty hard on me at times because we were stuck inside because the windchill made it feel 20 below miserable degrees outside.  neither miss nor i do well when indoors all day and this january funk has taken more of a hold than i had realized.  i also have really enjoyed having a content and happy baby, which is not as much the case right now to due to teething/cold/lack of sleep/a growing sense of preference and will...its crazy how much she is experiencing all at once.  my friend martha today reminded me that its a blessing to get to be her mom and help her figure all this out.  i had not been feeling blessed.  thanks masa.  

i actually let her take a full nap on me today, which never happens, and it was really really sweet (and sore cause i busted my tailbone a few weeks ago and sitting hates me..i digress).  

ill take a few days with her, no matter what they are like, over a day doing anything else at all...

daddy showing her the snow settling in on tuesday night 

she is a full-on sitter now, which makes her much happier


  1. Laura, no matter how she feels, well or un. I just want to dive into her eyes. There is such sweetness and surprise in there! I don't blame you for cherishing those stolen days. You and Robert are BLESSED? �� ��

  2. Ohhhh a full nap on mama! That's luxury for the both of yous


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