and shes five months

thats right folks, chicken little is five months old.  i got to spend a little over 2 weeks with her during the christmas holidays and i could not believe how much she changed and grew in that short amount of time. we went to the pediatrician this week and discovered that she is 14 lbs 10 oz and is over 26 inches long!  seeing florence so much over the holidays made me miss the little eden but i am also reveling in every moment of her life right now.  sometimes i hold her and just bring her face up to mine and bury my nose in her hair.  for just a quick moment i cannot think of anything at all but how incredible it is to be a mother.  her mother.

as you can see from the photos, she does not hold still these days...

a few updates on the hot mess

-she started teething.  no teeth have been cut as of now but she is certainly in the process.  she hits her mouth with her fist all the time and drools and fusses and sucks down ice cubes.  i can't wait till a few little teeth pop their way through.

-she is a full on roller.  front to back, back to front, and everything in between.  she moves all over her crib and the other day i heard her crying and went in to see both her legs sticking out of the crib through the rails.  it does interrupt her sleep a little but i love watching her figure out how to get where she wants to be.  she will sometimes wake up on her belly and shout out in protest.  as soon as i stumble in and put her pacifier in her mouth, she immediately does a head dive into the mattress and is back asleep. 

-she also tries to army crawl.  no success yet, but she is trying.

-she sleeps on her tummy and man oh man does it make a difference.  she has been napping on her tummy, when i could watch her, for a while now, but i officially let her tummy sleep at night this week.  she sleeps so much more soundly on her tummy!

-she smiles all day at anyone and everyone.  and they are big-open mouthed smiles that drive away these january chills in a heartbeat.  here are a few pictures our wonderful child care provider sent me during the day this week...

seriously?  who is that happy in real life?  

nothing like eating a good corduroy dress

-she can sit up for about 3 seconds before slowly folding forward into an incredibly flexible butterfly stretch and then face diving.  she is going to be so happy when she can sit and see everything around her.

-she LOVES being outside.  if she has been indoors for too long she starts to transform into hot mess (one of her many personas) and often the cure is just some outdoors.  she never cries out there or even fusses out there.  she is just content as can be to sit on my lap on the front step or do a lap or two in the stroller or carrier.  i think its the african in her that gets antsy from too much indoors. i do make her wear shoes for our walks (even though her father often does not).

-she is full of personality.  here is another one from her at daycare.  so much sassafras

-i anticipate the arrival of full sitting up, crawling, teeth and more in the month to come.  what a gift it is to watch a little person, my little person, grow.  what a wonderful fantastic gift.  


  1. oh my goodness i am in love. that last picture is amazing. and all those smiles!!! i miss my niece!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. and what a GLORIOUS five months of joy she is.


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