florence ruth

this past week we gathered as family and friends to celebrate thanksgiving.  we baked and cooked and 'duked' and feasted and snuggled and laughed. more on that later.

while we already had SO much to be thankful for, our reasons to rejoice multiplied exponentially because florence ruth nelson arrived on saturday.  we are so glad to have you girl.

my rockstar sister labored for less than six hours (labor induced by a duke game, which is highly appropriate) and brought us beautiful florence in the wee hours of saturday morning.  

i am only sharing these photos now because i am sure elise will post more when she has a chance.  

a few things about florence

-she looks just like her daddy. same shape head, same hair, same eyes.  but she has her mama's mouth and elvish ears.  

-she was born with the most feminine little fingers and nails.  she looks like she had a manicure before her debut. 

- her cries kinda sound like meows.  

-she likes to just have her right eye open sometimes.  so i feel like she has inside jokes with everyone and is always winking at us.  

- i love her so so dearly.

-she makes eden seem like a toddler.  

elise will share more details when she feels ready so i will leave it at this. 

florence ruth nelson.  welcome to the world.  


  1. So, so sweet! I can feel your love. When I saw the pics of the girls together I thought,wow! Eden looks so big already..... Enjoy every minute, they change and grow so much that first year! My goodness.... May these 2 beautiful little girls grow to be best of friends and delightful , loving children of God.Kim

  2. i love that name and i love reading the little update, she is so loved!


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