mom vs.dinner

so when i first got married and started this blog, i wrote this post about one of the first times i tried a complicated dinner that was out of my comfort zone.  it was not pretty.  but since then my culinary skills have greatly improved and there is not much that i will not try in the kitchen.

however, i tried to make a dinner the other night that went...south.

so let me set the stage for you.  it was a saturday, which is why i was making this meal in the first place: i had not been at work all day and so i had the energy and mental capacity to cook a meal with three somewhat involved parts.  at least i thought i had the mental capacity.

so the menu was this double crunch garlic honey chicken, which i loved last time and was excited to make again.  i was also making a side of cinnamon sweet potatoes and some roasted brussels sprouts.  it was going to be wonderful and a perfect way to take care of robert, who has been working so hard with his final weeks of the semester.

well i got the potatoes and sprouts done and they were excellent.  i turned the oven off but left them in to keep them warm.  i then began on the chicken, which is a bit messy.  as i was in the middle of breading the chicken and putting it in the oil, the smoke alarm went off.  i figured it was just because i had so much going at the same time and the kitchen is small.  i went to open the doors and wave something in front of the detector (one hand covered in breaded chickeny mess).  of course eden started screaming, but i could not pick her up because of said chickeny hand. i eventually managed to grab her with my clean hand. i went to go open the oven to see if maybe the food was cooking too much even with the oven off.

and then i discovered.

you know what is NOT the same as turning the oven off?? turning the oven to BROIL.  yes folks, i turned the oven to broil and left the potatoes and sprouts in there for about 15 minutes.  smoke was billowing out of the oven, the doors were open, smoke alarms screaming, baby screaming, neighbors walking by looking in, me waving at them reassuringly with my chickeney hand.  then, as soon as the alarms finally stopped, eden looked at me wide-eyed and puked all over me.

thats the potatoes on the left and the sprouts on the right...


enter robert.

he came in, heard my exasperated version of the last 10 minutes, took the baby and said "well, it just did not happen tonight.  and that's ok".

so we ate the chicken, which was still delicious, standing in the kitchen holding the baby with no sides and no plates and no forks.

mom vs. dinner

mom: 0

dinner: 1


  1. ufff sorry laur. buttttt your man's a gem!! love what he said to you. hope his finals are going well. love to you both and precious eden


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