double crunch honey garlic chicken

so a while ago i pinned a recipe and then forgot about it ( i tend to do this quite frequently because something sounds like a great idea and then i get too busy to ever attempt anything new).  a friend of mine, greta, saw the pin and made the recipe.  she posted about how great it was and thanked me for the recipe (which i had never made and had forgotten about.)  then christine saw the post from greta, made the chicken and also posted about it.  so, i figured it was time i made the recipe i posted.

and man, what a good call.  

got all my ingredients together, interested to see how they would all taste in concert 

i had never fried chicken before, and i was fairly intimidated.  the breading mix for this is so interesting with thyme, sage, ginger, nutmeg and cayenne pepper.  

i also decided to make some roasted sweet potatoes to accompany the chicken (christine this idea came from you AND the fact that i can't get enough sweet potatoes)

i liked this simple and delectable preparation.  i think maple syrup would have been a good substitute for the brown sugar as well. 

it was a fair amount of work but the recipe left alot of left over flour mixture and honey garlic sauce so the second time i make it will go much more quickly.  i also whipped up a quick salad for some added color and nutrition!  karen, robert and i enjoyed it immensely.



  1. it's definitely a sign of a good recipe when so many people try it and have great success!


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