eden at four months

eden is such a big kid to me right now.  i am sure that alot of that has to do with the arrival of florence ruth, who is such a tiny baby and makes eden look like a grown up.  but i also think that she is just growing up so fast.

as of late...

-she can roll over from her front to back AND from her back to her side.  we are almost to a fully rollable baby here.

-when i am changing her diaper she lifts her legs up in the air and keeps them there while i change her.  'do your thing mama' is clearly expressed on her face.

-she has discovered her feet and likes to hold on to them.  its only a matter of time before they become chew toys

-she gives giant, wide mouthed smiles when she is happy which is when i pick her up each day, when i wake her up from a sleep, and any other time she so pleases.

-she is incredibly curious.  she does not want to be held facing me, she wants to be held facing the world because there is just so much of it out there and she can't miss a thing.  this makes it harder to feed her because her view is so limited during a feed and she wants to know what is going on elsewhere

-she adores bath time and grunts and wiggles around wide-eyed

-she does this kick thing with each leg, mostly her right, when she is happy.  she kicks and kicks and kicks

-she can take her pacifier out and put it back in, at least some of the time.  this skill is not yet fully developed but she can do it if the pacifier is tilted just right.

-she is waaaay too long for 3 month footie pajamas (and has been for a while now) so she wears 6 month ones.  they are too wide for her but not at all too long.  we have a tallie here folks

-she loves being in exersaucers and jumpy seats because all she wants to do is move and bounce and jump and wiggle.  holding her is not as fun anymore because she does not want to be still for long.

i cannot believe that four months have flown by and that my tiny little peanut of a baby is, a bouncy, active, wide-eyed four month old.


  1. I love reading these posts because they allow me to re-live those sweet early months with Sloane! Your baby girl is getting more and more beautiful by the month..


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