time for a high five

whew another week has come and gone. this one was a bit hectic and im glad to see it come to an end.  eden's usual child care provder was out of town this week so we farmed eden out to various church families.  thank you lindsay, heather, megan and melissa and all your children for being excellent resources for me this week and for blessing eden.

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1.  last weekend was some kind of wonderful.  read more about it here and here

2.  eden stayed with lindsay and her kids on monday.  her one year old daughter kept bringing eden her special things like her blanket and favorite toys.  thanks for sharing so much love with eden!

3.  heather's daughter feeding eden on tuesday.

4. megan and her boys watched eden on wednesday. they love her and walk around burping their stuffed animals the same way eden gets burped.  when i arrived to pick her up the youngest said to me 'shhh eden is sleeping and she needs to stay asleep'.  clearly he listened to his mama!

5. the radabaughs kept eden on thursday and sent these pictures mid day!  SO much love going on here!

thank you again to all the wonderful mothers and children who took care of eden this week.  it does this mama's heart alot of good to see her baby so loved.

and of course, eden can't wait to get back to sarah next week!  


  1. such attitude in that one photo - I love her sweet face xoxo


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