le grande tour

this past weekend we went on tour as a family.  it was a non-stop adventure with some of our dearest friends and eden got to meet and hang out with lots of pals.

friday night we headed north via dc and a quick dinner with the robinsons.  martha is a dear friend and we love to get ourselves and our kiddies together whenever possible. this was a totally spur of the moment visit, which felt like a rare treasure since schedules often prevent our families from visiting. martha has two little ladies and her youngest was born just about a month before eden. we shared two hours of visiting, babies, baby noises, laughing, frenzied catching up, interrupted conversations, delicious curry for dinner, and crackcorn for the road (incredible popcorn that literally is impossible to put down and nearly resulted in robert and I nearly getting lost in downtown dc cause we could not stop stuffing our faces long enough to look at the gps.  melt butter and maple syrup, dump on pop corn with cinnamon and salt.  devour )   

we hit the road and continued up to de where we spent friday night, saturday, and half of sunday.  these days consisted of bagel eating, coffee drinking, baby swapping, fall weather enjoying, book reading, crackcorn eating (because of course i share the recipe) and hide and seek playing.  emily and i have been friends since college and it is wonderful to finally have babies at the same time (she got a head start but ill catch up).  her little man is a character and her two lovelies stole our hearts.  and justin and robert competed all weekend, of course...(notice the racing up the hill/tackle photos).

then sunday afternoon, after a tearful goodbye with emily's oldest, selah, who could not stand to have aunti lo and uncle robert leave with eden, we headed off to our last stop...pennsylvania. christine and her kids are our friends from rwanda and visited us in richmond the day i went into labor.  they are dear dear friends and we loved getting to catch up quickly before heading south.

 a video of the weekend is soon to come.

thank you to all our hosts!  


  1. What a beautiful weekend! You're probably reeling from it, in the best sense, but reeling nonetheless. Thanks for letting us be a small part of it - loved every minute of it. xoxo

  2. le grande tour is right, what an adventure! i love all the photos....


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