H54F 11-15

its friday friends!
im linking up with lauren to share my my top five events of the week.

1.  i spent a long weekend with my family.  more on that here

2.   i splurged on this coat in black (because my old coats wont fit over my chest now that im making enough milk to feed the world and i did not want to be cold all winter).  the inner layer zips out and the fur zips off to make a lighter weight version as well.  im loving the luxurious feel of the (faux) fur around my face and the cute belted waist.

3. eden rolled over on wednesday!  she did it the first two times during the day when i was not with her but then did it a few times!  it made this mama so proud 
(and a tiny bit sad that i missed the first one).  

      she relaxed a bit after all that hard work

4. thursday night college Bible study.  these are a few of the girls.  we just finally finished ephesians last night after a year and a half of study!  

5. breakfast with my lady friends this morning.  starting the day with a cup of coffee, delicious food (thanks christine) and authentic fellowship and prayer...makes a sweet friday even sweeter and makes the biting cold not seem quite so harsh.

have a lovely friday people! 


  1. i am so glad you threw in one of my weird faces for good measure!!



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