gathering place

this past weekend i spent a few days with my family at my parents place near durham. they have a house there and it has quickly become the gathering place of the jordan family extended.  it would not really matter what the space looked like, its a feeling. my mother fosters it with her gracious hospitality and my father fosters it with his excitement for every family member and friend that walks through the door.  

eden was well loved all weekend, though she was battling her first cold 

one of the only times i held her all weekend :)

the weather was beautiful and we bundled up and went out for a few invigorating walks.

 and shopping of course.  even if it is exhausting 

here she is snuggling with auntie and cousin...

eden is learning to grab things so papa j set up a play yard for her 

 dad insisted on her doing tummy time (which she did not like as evidenced by the photo below) and sit ups (pictured above).  
he wanted to make sure that his granddaughter was growing properly.

eden also watched her first ever duke game, in which four players scored more than 15 points and we handily defeated our opponent.  if you think this is starting her early , you don't know the half of it.  i was pregnant with her during march madness and she was getting it in utero then!

dad also insisted on her watching football.  
 she slept right through it so he moved to the front row so that she would not miss out.  

she also loved time with mama j 

eden loves her uncle addo, even if she makes funny faces at him when he is not looking 

she wishes she could have seen uncle paul this weekend too!
the next time i head to durham it will likely be because baby nelson is debuting!!!!  
we are ready to take fifty million photos of you too baby n! 


  1. how lucky eden is to get so much love from her family!


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