34 weeks: a post from a different coast

a good thursday to you all.  i usually have my weekly photos taken by christine at my thursday morning accountability group.  however, this thursday morning i have a guest photographer and am brining you this post from the other coast...the west.

i am in WA visiting friends and family for a week and so my mother snapped these this morning.  baby is the size of an butternut squash and is squashing everything on my insides.  she also has descended slightly and so now my hips, which do not lie, are telling me non-stop that they are loving pregnancy less and loving the idea of having baby more!  she could be as long as 19 inches by now, and i swear i feel every one of those inches in every possible way.  i have nothing with which to compare her, but my how she moves and kicks and jabs and leans.

in unpleasant news, my first trimester symptoms, which you can read about here,  have returned and so i am once again running for the nearest toilet and feeling icky alot.  granted, its no where near as bad as it was early on, but i feel that i have done my time in the throwing up department and so im not loving it.

im really thankful to be at my childhood home, in this beautiful place, for a week of rest and time with people i love.  i miss the husband and will be glad to be back in rva next week, but for now im getting papered and pal-ing around with mama and enjoying this 34th week!


  1. BOOO to the return of first trimester symptoms! :(
    i'm glad you are getting r&r time at home

  2. 6 more weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!! and you look great! I know the last weeks are pretty hard, but you can do it! just make sure you rest enough. And then after a few weeks.... welcome to motherhood! Blessings and enjoy every bit as long as she is still inside of you.


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