10 weeks

i have fifty hundred things to say about what I think and what is going on in my body, and how i feel but i will limit this post to just a few...

1.  i have never understood how difficult the first few months of pregnancy can be.  to any and all of my friends who have had babies, i am sorry that i had NO idea what you were going through and that i expected you to act like a normal human!

2.  i am keeping down about one meal a day, on a good day.  its been rough.  and anti nausea meds are not helping.

3.  i have the most incredible husband who is helping me and cooking and being 100% supportive even when he asks me what i want to do all day on a saturday and i respond..."couch".

4.  two months in you just feel bloated and chubby and sick...not cute and pregnant and happening. (though i can tell you that PLENTY of stuff is happening in my body)

5.  i want thai food, pa nang curry to be exact, all the time.  i also want popcorn (which my wonderful friend Christine brought me last week) and sorbet and soup. oh and bagels any time of any day.

6.  my average bedtime is 8 and i am a super champ at life if i eat a whole dinner, dont throw up, and stay up till 8 30.

7. my sister calls this baby a halfrican, which i love.  my husband is rwandan so it fits.

8.  even though my body is not all that happy right now, i am really really excited about meeting this little one (who already has toes and fingers and is the size of a kumquat).  i am sure that i will go through all sorts of emotions about having this baby but right now I would say bliss is what I feel.  and exhaustion of course.  

more to come soon 


  1. I love that your halfrican has fingers and toes.


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