25 weeks

25 weeks = a head of cauliflower.  she is between 13.6 & 14.8 inches long and weighs between 1.5 & 2.5 lbs.  

i am now into month 6, which makes month 9 seem closer.  

in general i am really enjoying being pregnant right now, though my lower back is not a fan. im trying to stretch alot and a dear friend bought me a yoga dvd for preggos so i am hoping that will help (thanks megs).  my wonderful husband is also endlessly patient with pushing on my back and helping me stretch.  thanks babe.

i also am not sleeping as well as i used to, which i know is perfect preparation for when E is born.  and i also feel really full and bloated alot.  

note: whenever i am in the waiting room for a prenatal visit, i always have to pee ( i always have to pee, in general).  and i try to just hold it since i know they are going to need a sample.  but then the wait is 30 minutes and by the time i get in there i am about to burst.  so my times waiting for my visits are never, ever pleasant.  

also having braxton hicks contractions ALL the time, like every day.  my whole belly gets really tight for a while.  i guess its a sign that my body is doing what its supposed to?

also, re this blog post, there is avocado on the front of my shirt in this photo, you just cant see it cause the photos are not close up...

two more weeks of this trimester...