past revisited

when i was younger it was impossible for me to get through a meal without spilling food on me.  anyone in my family will tell you this.  it is embarrassing but true.  and it went on until i was an early teenager.  in fact elise just joked about it the last time i saw her.  ill never escape it.

well, im there again.  now that my belly is sticking out very well past the rest of me, i have once again become a notorious spiller.  any time i go to grab a shirt or dress, thinking it was clean, i put it on and look down and see this...

and notice that there is food on the belly.  what would once have just fallen to the floor now resides on my baby belly.

so if you are eating with me, or even just see me at all, please excuse the food stain that is inevitably on my stomach.