23 weeks

23 weeks = as heavy as a big grapefruit

this is getting real folks.  baby is 11 inches long and weighs more than a pound.  11 inches is long, its almost a ruler.  a ruler is long.  my baby is big!  and don't i know it...she moves around all the time.  this week was really cool because elise, adam and robert all got to feel very distinctive kicks.  and when she moves now, sometimes i can really feel a body part instead of just a flutter.  i keep catching myself at work sitting in my chair and staring at my belly, hoping to see another poke or movement.  its addictive.  i laugh and cry and have a little moment, just lady and me.

i am starting to have this fear that little lady wont turn. for now i know she is still feet down because i feel kicks in the lower half of my uterus.  it is becoming more and more important to me to try and have her naturally and that is not a reality if she does not eventually turn.  i don't want to let fear get a hold of me, or stress or worry.  its not good for my heart, and its not good for her.

so baby girl, can you please start obeying mama now and turn 

and stay turned  


as for how im feeling, i am physically feeling alot better. achy and sore of course and tired, but that is all the new normal, so no biggie. robert does this thing where he stretches my legs for me every night which helps my lower back ALOT.  emotionally, its taking some effort to be ok with the gaining of the weight and the parts of me being...more...than they used to be.  but i am trusting that God is using my body to give lady what she needs and trying not to freak out be too concerned.

question. how did you mamas out there feel about people touching your belly?  i mean, im obviously fine with close friends or family but coworkers?  strangers?  what are you thinking.  so far i have not had any randos try to touch my belly but i have had coworkers that im not really that close to ask.  i feel badly saying no, but sometimes its a little weird to me.  i think i feel like my belly and the kicks are my special secret and i want to invite people into it, not have them invite themselves?  what do you think???

overall im loving the pregnant that i am right now.  and i cannot wait to meet my little lady


  1. you look so pretty, Laura, absolutely glowing with happiness.
    regarding the strangers touching your belly, I'd be in the middle of an intense client meeting, simone would kick so fiercely that my client would actually stop mid sentence and stare bug eyed at my belly. Then, without request, would come over and touch where the kick was, hoping it would happen again. At first it bothered me, but, depending on the person, I was really happy to let them experience in a small way the wonder of pregnancy.

  2. Yay! I hope you don't have too many random people try to touch your belly and as for the weigh gain, it was hard to accept for me in the beginning to. Once that precious baby is in your arms you will forget all about it :)


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