its just nature

so i am going to try and have little lady naturally. for those of you who are not always readingthinkingprayingworryingtalking about baby stuff... 'naturally' means without the big E in your spine.  i have been reading alot and thinking about why i personally want to try and go naturally and i thought i would share my thoughts, for what they are worth.

1.  i am married to a man whose mother had 10 children, 8 of them at home and without any intervention from pain meds (or any comforts at all really) and the last 2 in a 'hospital'...again i doubt with any pain relief.  it amazes me that a woman's body can be tough enough to do something like that and it really makes me want to try.  millions of women from eve till now have done it naturally, and i at least want to try and see if i can as well.

2. God made our bodies to have babies.  that is just plain and simple.  YES, there are times where our bodies do not do what they were made to do, but i want to give mine the chance to do it if i can.

3. i want to feel what it feels like to have a baby.  from everything i have read it can be incredibly painful but also incredibly powerful and life changing.  

i will be delivering with a midwife and a doula (birth coach) at a hospital that is ready for any possible complications with a NICU down the hall.  in my mind, the best of both worlds.  

just to clarify i am not saying anything negative about women who had or will have an epidural.  it is an incredibly personal decision and this is just how i feel about my decision.  it may work out that my body does not cooperate and i have to have an epidural or petocin or even a c-section.  but i want to let my body do it if it can.  

and i hope think it can.  


  1. I know you can do it !!! You are so strong!! I wanted to try with my first but couldn't make it.. I made it further with my second... Maybe with my third I can finally do it. Good luck to you no matter what !! Lots of love

  2. Natural birth was world changing for me! The moment after I said, "I can't do this" during labor, I got tons of encouragement and then changed my tune to "I can do this." Now I know I can do anything. Our bodies are made for this! How amazing this privilege of partnering with God in creating life and bringing it forth.

  3. You'll be great, regardless! It is a mental thing in so many ways. I had 3 natural, in part because I was petrified of a needle in my spine, but I also wanted to do it if at all possible as well. My two cents: walking as long as possible is helpful; when the pain hits, concentrate on the fact that it will be over soon; also, the breathing is very helpful and distracting.

    Praying for a beautiful experience and a healthy baby!!


  4. Resolve is the best source of strength. My birth experiences med free, (all 3) were the most powerful best work I have ever done! Just to be able to get up and go to the bathroom right after is joyous! (LOL) A midwife and Doula is the best combination to insure the most support possible. Women helping women. I'm so excited for you! Kiss Lady A for me.



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