High Five

Hello readers, its Friday again.  
And, per usual, not a moment too soon.

I'm linking up with Lauren again this week to remember 
5 beautiful moments of the week! 


1.  I was asked by my friend Marla (mentioned in last week's High Five) to coordinate her wedding.  I got to meet with her several times this week to start planning, consider venues, and dream with her about her lovely day.  Its such an honor and I am so glad to be involved!

2.  I also got to do a photo walk with my friend Christine on Saturday, which was incredible. I LOVE realizing how many subjects there are out there, if you just look for them!  

3.  Had breakfast with a dear family friend and her new husband on Saturday.  Had not seen her in several years, and it was great to catch up.

4. I got to spend an evening with my friend Greta and her two lovely little lovelies, and it was delightful.  So thankful for this dear friend.

5.  Robert and I got to have dinner with my cousin, Alicia, at a great RVA restaurant last night!  Great food, great company!  

How was your week reader?  I hope you can think of five high-five-worthy bits!  


  1. what an honor to be asked to coordinate a wedding! hope you have so much fun doing it :)

  2. such cute pics! love them!

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend! stop by thechiffondiary.com & say hello!

  3. sounds like a great week! how fun you get to be part of planning a wedding! and what cute kids!


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