High Five

Hello all, its Friday again and its time for my 5 High-Five worthy moments since my post last Friday


1.  Robert took me out to dinner last Friday night, which was on my list last week.  What I did NOT know, was that he was going to surprise me with tickets to the Lion King after dinner.  We had a fantastic time!  I wrote about it here.  It was easily the best surprise EVER and I was just thrilled to spend a lovely romantic fantastic night with Robert!

2. I got to spend Saturday afternoon at a camera class with my friend Christine, who writes this awesome blog.  We learned how to use our digital SLR cameras and I feel SO much more able to take good pictures now!  Here are a few of the ones I took this week...

3.  I got to go with a few friends to a Nepali Bible study group and it was wonderful.  These were brothers and sisters in Christ who are Bhutanese refugees, recently relocated to the states.  The worship songs were beautiful and the fellowship, though broken by language, was sweet and real.

4. I got to go work at the Youth Life Foundation today after school.  I worked as a volunteer to help tutor kids from low socioeconomic backgrounds. It was wonderful and I felt like I was doing what I was made to do.  I like my job, and I am thankful for my job, but I am MADE to work with underprivileged city kids.  It just brings me to life.  I get high off it.  I LOVE it.
5. I get to go to my grandmother's house tonight with two couples from my church.  We will all spend the night there and then continue the next morning OBX for the wedding of Kevin and Meghan!  Robert and I are doing some of the music for the wedding and we are just thrilled for our friends!

Think about your week and find some high-five-worthy moments!


  1. I like this High Five feature! and i hope you keep posting pictures!


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