Hakuna Matata

My fantastic husband surprised me when we were out to dinner on Friday night with tickets for the Lion King!  For those of you who have not seen it, its just the most amazing performance I have ever seen.  And I have seen Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas, and Broadway plays in NYC and the Phantom of the Opera, and Cinderella...

Its the most amazing.  

I did not take any of these, photography is not allowed, but they were on line! 

The music is amazing.  Africans can sing like no other group of people, especially South Africans.  The colors, the songs, the way people become animals.  Its magical.  All night I was like a kid, exclaiming "wow" and "Robert look there!"  And it just reminded me that God really does gift some people with a creativity that is beyond me.  

Easily one of the best nights of our marriage!

I can't really sum up the night here, but I will say this.

For those of you who have not seen it


Its worth every penny!


  1. The show is sooo good. What a great surprise! Good going Robert :))


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