Long weekend in Durham

a few weeks ago i took the girls and went to spend a long weekend at my parents house. they just finished building a beautiful home with lots of room for the grandkids, so its my goal to fill it with grandkids as often as i can.  
its on a good bit of land so there is alot of space for running around and adventuring outside.  the shenanigans are endless when eden and florence are together and this particular weekend was par for the course with them.  

if those faces dont just cry out TROUBLE i dont know what does.  clive and etta mae are on the big girls' heels, no doubt, and will be an added layer to the mischief very soon.  for now i, we are just trying to keep up with the big girls. 

we also got to spend some ladies only time down at the eno river, at this great little swimming hole that glows and glistens in the afternoon sun.  its a spot we have visited a few times now and one that i will certainly go to every chance i get.  the big girls just maneuvered around on the shallow rocky bottom of the river, pretending to fish or swim, or whatever was going on in their heads. and sweet etta mae sat in the shallows, observing contently.  

i feel like the big (little) cousins are just about old enough to start making memories that will last their whole lives.  and i am content for them to involve each other as much as possible.  this is how i will remember this stage of their lives.  in their twirly dresses, disheveled hair because life is so fast and adventurous, climbing and playing together.