Current Snapshot

life has been a little crazy lately with preparing to move and then moving.  no matter how well you prepare, no matter how well you plan, moving ALWAYS sucks.  the weeks leading up to the move are just inconvenient and exhausting, especially if you have kids.  the day of, even if exciting, is stressful and fast paced, and the getting settled process takes a long time and a lot of decision making skills.  of course, the worst part by far, is the process of cleaning the place you moved out of.  we always seem to think we got everything out and have just a little tidying up to do, only to realize there are 52hundred random things still in the house, and its a mess.

so that is all behind us now, which is great, because it was not enjoyable.

summer is turning out to be a little more slow paced than usual.  we wake up a bit more leisurely, linger on the porch even after daddy leaves for work and we would usually hop right to chores and morning time.  i usually have a second cup of coffee, which i never do during the rest of the year.  but summer just screams 'slow down and enjoy me' and i take heed, because summer is the one season that goes by too quickly.  the others, especially winter, go by on an entirely different time scale, but summer is a blink.  so even though i have just as much to do during the summer days as i ever do, i listen when i hear the call to slow down.  and the humidity insists upon it even when i tend not to comply.  

etta mae is pulling up and getting more and more sturdy on her legs.  i have a feeling it will be a while yet before she walks.  its funny to observe the differences between the girls. eden was crawling away from me and off on her own adventures from the time she was 8 months old.  etta mae did not even begin to crawl until around 11 months and still always just wants to stay close to me, even when she could have free range of the yard.  eden was walking by 11 months and running by the time she was 14 months (the age etta is now). etta mae is more chill in general, but has a streak in her that i have never seen in eden. eden hates conflict and wants quick reconciliation when she has disobeyed.  etta likes the fight.  she really likes it.  im a little disconcerted by that.

and almost four year olds are magical.  eden says the most marvelous things and showers me with affection and also talks my eyeballs out of my head and drives me insane.  she has an incredible ability to memorize and recognize songs and poems.  she adores her friends and loves spotting birds and trying to mimic their calls.  she really is just such a great person to be around (most of the time) and i am daily thankful for her and for the fact that i get to be her mother.  

my primary resolution this summer is to enjoy the pace and to be in observation mode as much as possible.  to get down and look at every bug, bird, squirrel, anything that catches my girls' eyes. i want to see it through them this summer.