we have moved alot in the last 7 years that we have been married.  we lived in a 635 square foot apartment our first 4 years, then we lived communally in a big house with dear friends for 2 years, then at another, unremarkable, place for the last year, and now our current house, where we just moved over the weekend.

and for the first time we LOVE our house.  the apartment we first lived in was cozy and convienant and sufficient.  and we filled it with wonderful memories and brought eden home there.  and the big house was full of people we loved and we cemented life long friendships there, and we brought etta home there.  we loved the people IN that house, but it was big and impossible to keep clean, and the kitchen was outdated.  the most recent home we lived in never really felt like home.  it was fine, and we were thankful to live in the wonderful neighborhood where it was (we made several sweet friends) but the house itself just seemed dark and poorly laid out.  and im pretty sure the oven was still kicking it from the 70s.  
eden napping on the couch as i write this post

all of that to say, the house we just moved to last weekend is like a dream to us.  and the way that the circumstances worked out in order for us to be here was so clearly marked with the provision of God.  we never dreamed we could live in such a nice house, with such beautiful surrounding trees and yard.  its not big but the girls share a sweet room with a bright window. there is open communal space and even room for a schoolroom/office which was a dream i really never thought would come true.  we will be here for at least two years, and after that, God only knows.

ill post photos some time later, once i have had more than 5 days to get it looking decent.  


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