Etta Mae is ONE year old

etta mae is one today. 
eden has had several birthdays, and they always blow my mind.  an entire year passing in the life of a child is really incredible.  but the first year of life seems to be the one thus far that has really taken my breath away.  i think it must be because of how much a baby changes in its' first year of life.  she goes from being a helpless newborn with no personality to speak of, to being a vibrant, expressive, active, mobile, communicative baby girl.  its really just miraculous the way that just one year changes that new baby.
if you have spent any time with her, or on my blog, you know that the general report on etta mae is that she is delightful and happy and a true source of joy.  now, after an entire year of being with her day in and day out, i have to say that i am still amazed at how much everyone in her life enjoys her.  aside from a recent stranger danger phase, she has the most ready smile that lights up her whole face and the face of anyone in its radius. i daily have the thought that i am so fortunate to be her mother and that she has already taught me so much.
she has four little teeth, two up, two down, and she likes to eat pretty much anything she can get her hands on (including random stuff from the floor but EXCLUDING eggs that i have actually made for her to eat).  she talks in her own way, which includes lots of clucking and repeating whatever sound is working for her at the moment.  she says mama, dada, and a sweet version of eden that sounds like 'deedee'.  she just adores her big sister and wants to be around her as much as possible. thankfully the feeling is mutual and eden almost always wants to be with her too (especially if there is a camera involved ;)
lately she does this hilarious face, which i can never catch on camera, where she opens her mouth into a ridiculous smile and then clenches her face and fists really hard.  she looks kinda crazy but then she immediately bursts out laughing and so do we all.  
she crawls very well and with decent speed but she is content to stay where she is as long as i am nearby.  robert and i had a moment recently where we were discussing the differences between the girls at this age.  eden was walking and never stayed still.  and, at the moment we were talking, etta was lounging near us with her head on robert's leg.  she just wants to be near her people.  no need to go anywhere else.
i made a little video of my favorite highlights from the first year.  its about ten minutes but i couldn't help myself.  eden and i still watch the one i made of her first year and im so so glad that i committed to doing it again with etta mae.

sweet etta mae we love you so much.  thank you for teaching us all about how to love more than we ever thought we could.