A Day at the Farm

last weekend i took the girls out to a friend's farm for an afternoon.  it was about a 45 minute drive and by the time we arrived i had been transported.  my soul was immediately soothed by the clean air and wide open space.  a huge field of buttercups and crimson clover lined the huge white fence as we drove in and i knew it was going to be a great afternoon.

we met up with some friends from church and a lovely new friend and her daughter, and we started by meeting the largest rabbit i have ever seen.  seriously, look at the size of that mama.  i just kept thinking, as i was sweating profusely with etta strapped to me, how hot she must have been.  it was close to 90% and humid like the middle of summer.  
we also got to meet the horses and male goats.  the male goats were not doing anything to speak of, but the mamas were tending to the 14 new babies that had been born in the last week and two babies were born while we were at the farm.
 i dont know if you have ever seen a baby goat but let me tell you, they pretty stinking cute.  
after we were done with the goats, farmer ruben took out the tractor and let the kids touch it and climb on (it was off of course).  
 the farmer had told the children they could not get on and ride the tractor when it was turned on.  he's laughing because eden had just told him 'that's ok, ill let you drive me if you want to'.  problem solved.
like i said, it was hot as hot out there and im glad i remembered to bring some hydration packs with me because we could not drink enough water.  all of the sighs and sounds and smells of the farm are distracting enough that one could get darn right dehydrated. 
chickens were next.  i was so impressed with how many chickens they had.  they collect about 300 eggs a day to sell in the community and in local food stores.  the kids collected several hundred and had a wonderful time scooting in and out and around the chickens. etta screamed like a banshee on my chest.  they did not like her all that much either.
we took a break to get some water and romp around in a field of buttercups.  i could have just stayed right here for the rest of the day.  the contentment that took up residence in all of our hearts, big and small, was tangible.  fields of flowers people.  its a thing.
we have only recently met sweet luna and we are all fans.  the mama that comes with her is also a new favorite.  plus im a fan of all this gorgeous brown skin and curly hair.  
perhaps the most fascinating part of the day for me was when the farmer showed us how they catch swarms of bees and then harvest the honey.  i had alot of questions because the making of honey has always been an incredible process in my mind. the amount of work and diligence that goes into just a jar of that stuff.  
lastly we trekked across the farm to the field where mama sheep had birthed 22 babies in the last few days. 
hot, sweaty, and exhausted, we headed back to the house to get one last big gulp of water and head home.  you won't be able to keep us away for long, agaba girls are hooked.



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