our big friendly giant

clive, the resident bfg, turned one at the beginning of the month and we got to celebrate him picnic style at a gorgeous park in bull city.
it was a small affair, family only, but when these four kids are the four kids at the party, lordy, 'family only' is enough to keep us more than occupied.
i think my mom and etta mae are soul mates.  i think they think so too.
i get ridiculous amount of joy out of watching florence and eden together.  they fight yes, but mostly they whisper secrets and laugh at things only amusing to three year olds, and live in their own special world.  its magical.
adam grilled for all of us (elise is just pretending to help) and i realized how long it had been since i had a hot dog.  those things are bomb.

 elise made darling little critter cakes and the kids and grown ups loved them
clives paternal grandparents were in town and it was so nice for him to have family from both coasts together to celebrate.  its always so special when our visits overlap with theirs.
clive is a handsome, sweet, beast of a boy, and he is loved by all who know him.  

happy birthday bfg