etta mae is eleven months

etta mae dearest is eleven months old today!  its also cousin clive's first birthday today!  its been fun having them exactly a month apart.  
etta mae is crawling everywhere, but at a pace that is most accurately described as a saunter.  its kind of like having a turtle.  you know they will move if you walk away, but you know they won't move too far.  she loves to point at people with her tiny little pointer finger and have them do the same to her.  she clucks her little tongue against the roof of her mouth in her own little language and tries to communicate to me in this fashion all day long.  
she signs well and eats well and naps well and sleeps well and well, she's just wonderful.
she brings people joy wherever we go.  i frequently hear people say that she has made their day with her smile and affection.  she snuggles me often still, which a mama's heart loves.  she really does infuse our day with light and joy and sweetness.
she loves strawberries, hummus and any form of rice.  
she is a delight and i cant believe she is going to be one the next time i do one of these posts.  her sister adores her and so do we all.