Easter Weekend

my baby brother visited us last weekend, which was just wonderful.  we don't get to see him very often so it was a huge treat when he called and invited himself down for easter.
we spent alot of our time of outside because rva is a gorgeous city and the weather was also gorgeous.  we also wanted to introduce paul to our favorite things in rva, which obviously included king of pops (as a side note, now whenever eden really loves something, she calls it 'king of...'.  for example, 'mom, this is king of dinners')

we also spent a good chunk of time at the forrest hill farmers market (and most of THAT time waiting in line for what we call 'king of donuts').  yall who know mrs. yoder's, know.
as eden was eating hers, she kept exclaiming 'wow, this is amazing, i can't believe they made this donut'.  we all felt the same way.  when you first get yours they are still hot, dripping with icing.  its an experience.  
this farmer's market ends up feeling more like a little mini festival with all the artists, musicians, farmers, and food trucks.  we wandered around and took our time and ate our way through our favorite vendors.
we grabbed some strawberries for our lunch spread and it was all we could do to keep from gobbling them up right on the spot.  
paul also hit up this bbq cart and it was incredibly satisfying.  we were hungry you know, since we had been eating donuts the size of our heads...
every where we go these days, we are spinning.  and when i say we, i mean eden.  look at the expressions on her face, the personality is ramping up on almost a daily basis.
after the market we went home, totally exhausted, and took naps.  afterwards we geared up again to head to the new walking bridge down town that goes across the river.  
we had not been down to this spot before and we will certainly frequent it now that we have been.  the views are just incredible and you get to be so close to the water.
eden and paul have such a special relationship and its such a joy to watch them spend together.
and, if all of that were not enough, we headed to our friends house to cook out and some more time outside.
not to spend too much time gushing, but seriously people, this little morsel is just the most delicious thing.  and im loving her in rompers with her sweaty skin and chunky little thighs.
we love this family so so much and try to hang out with them on the regular.  they keep us cool, or at least keep us from being too uncool.  
whenever eden is with these boys, she is the most content version of her self.  nic and megan have such an incredible thing going at their home, in their family, and you can't help but be improved by time spent with them.
thanks for coming uncle paul, we hope you love rva as much as we do!