etta mae is ten months old

happy spring everyone,  i mean no its not technically spring, but this recent weather is just doing springy things for our hearts and souls over here.  and the other thing that makes us feel like its spring all year around is this smiley joyful ten month old.  
as of this week she is both crawling AND teething.  two little teeth popped through on the bottom, and she finally connected one movement to another and made crawling happen. and just like that she seems alot older.  especially since eden did not get teeth until so late in life, the teeth really make her big in my mind.  
on having a baby with teeth; its not actually that great.  i had never experienced breastfeeding a baby with teeth before and you know what, i could have done without.  
etta continues to be the sweetest and most content thing i ever did see.  she smiles so hard that you think her face might burst.  and her whole face lights up.  she talks all these adorable sweet words and she is really satisfied with herself.  it looks like her first work is shaping up to be 'eden', which would be just perfect in my book.  she also does this adorable clucking/clicking thing with her tongue that just tickles me to pieces.  uggg to love a child so much.
last night there was a little window of time, after dinner and before bed, where the girls went off down the hallway and played together for a few minutes.  robert and i were not close enough to see exactly what was happening, but we heard the girls laughing in chorus over and over again.  it was an exquisite little moment, a glimpse into the future of what i hope is a life long friendship between sweet eden and etta mae.  
she is learning alot, as children do.  they are born persons right?  capable of learning at a pace that adults could never keep up with in our own attempts at acquiring new skills and new knowledge.  she has learned to sign 'more', 'all done', and 'thank you' when i prompt her in either english or kinyarwanda.  i am really determined to speak to her in as much kinyarwanda as i am able.  the way she signs is so adorable, as i am sure it is with all kids. i have allllll the heart eyes when it comes to this child.  

creeping up on a year now, which is just ridiculous.