etta mae is nine months old

hello again, another monthly update.  etta mae continues to be an incredibly sweet and snuggly little one.  she is still not crawling and has not a single tooth.  the tooth thing does not surprise me since eden did not get her first tooth till she was nearly a year and a half.  but the crawling thing does surprise me for a few reasons.  eden crawled before she was 7 months and i always figured that a second kid, especially one trying to keep up with a wild eden, would be moving even sooner than the first.  but she is really content to just flap her arms and legs about and squawk. she is pulling up onto her hands and knees and rocking a bit now, so who knows, maybe by the next update.   
she has learned to sign both 'all done' and 'more' in the last month.  of course no one but her family would know what she was signing because its far from perfect, but she has learned!  and its so sweet to see how satisfied she is with herself when she signals for something and we understand.  she looks around the table and her people understand her. it must feel so great.  she does not eat very much but she will eat most things, at least in moderation.  she will down applesauce no matter how much you give her.  she does not like those food pouches that have a mix of pureed meat and veggies.  i get it though, liquid chicken is...weird.
robert moved her crib down because i have a feeling that a little sprite like her might decide to pull up while sitting, waiting for rest time to end.  better safe than sorry on that front.  
she bounces really really hard in her little exer-saucer and her little legs bounce around like shes doing a gig of some sort.  
she has also become much better at waving hello and goodbye.  i dont know why but it fills me with such immense joy knowing that she is learning, at her own speed and in her own way, to say something back to the world.  for most of her life she has just been taking it all in, unable to communicate except through smiles and tears.  but now she is starting to communicate in more specific ways, and it feels like she is coming alive in a new way.  i just revel in the joy of having this front row seat. 
etta mae you are pretty much sunshine on rolls.  we cant get enough of your sweetness and we are SO glad you joined team agaba.


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