Charleston 2017, Part TWO

another element of our trip to charleston was the oyster roast we went to with my cousin.  i have had oysters plenty of times but robert has only had raw ones and he was not too huge of a fan.  but let me say here and now, the man loves steamed oysters.  
the roast was hosted in really beautifully laid out back yard.  i did not really get good photos of the yard space but i was taking mental notes for my one day dream backyard.  a local musician was playing and singing, creating a really cool summer vibe.  and the table with the whole in it for dumping shells was so brilliant.  
all four agabas ate our share (and maybe a bit more).  especially considering we were party crashers.  the roast was yet another thing that is on our list of 'lets do agains' and im already scheming about how to pull off an oyster roast in rva this summer.