etta mae is eight months old

its the beginning of a new year and our sweet baby girl is eight months old.  every time it comes time for me to write one of these monthly updates i think to myself 'how in the world is she this old already?'.  last night i took time to read back through the little calendar that i write on every day for her.  it has a photo of her during each month of life, and little scribbles here and there about things she did or ways i felt.  its not well written or organized but its proof.  proof that these eight months have happened, one day at a a time. proof to make me believe it now when i just dont.  as i sat there reading over the little highlights of her life i had one of those paralyzing moments where i just realized how quickly she is growing, how i cant do anything about it.  how i absolutely want her to grow and absolutely dont want her to change one bit.  how can both of those sentiments ring so true at the same time?
etta does something to my soul that i just cant describe.  she radiates joy at such a rate that it is impossible to remain grumpy or unhappy when she smiles. her entire face just lights up and her mouth opens into the wide and sure smile.  eden was my feisty little spunk.  etta is my little light.  sometimes i really to worry that i will be overcome with affection and literally bite her.  or squeeze her too hard.  its a problem people.  
she still does not seem interested in crawling at all.  she has pulled up onto all fours a time or two but it only lasts for a few seconds.  she is very content to watch eden bounce about and at this rate i dont see her crawling any time soon.  which, of course, is just fine with me.  with eden i anticipated every milestone and could not wait for her to be mobile.  with etta i am just thinking 'Lord help me when i have to keep up with eden AND etta mae'.  
she eats pretty much whatever we do as long as it is soft enough.  strangely she still does not love avocado.  we are trying to teach her sign language but of course nothing has really stuck yet.  when we are all sitting around our little round table at night and she is eating right along with us i feel very very satisfied.  
if every baby were like her, id have a million more.  shes just the kind of kid who could convince even the least interested person to have another child.  

im telling you, if you have baby fever, stay away.  

unless you want to catch it.  then come on over.