etta mae is 7 months

happy december all.  this is my favorite time of year, hands down, and having this little bit here with us this year has made it even more wonderful.  i swear i dont understand it but she is the sweetest, most content and smily kid ive ever seen.  i just adore her.  over the thanksgiving holiday she just won everyone over with her smiles and coos and how she'd bounce unceasingly in her jumper while we all scurried around cooking and preparing.  
she is sitting very well now but has not really shown any progress toward crawling.  and this is fine with me, by the way, since having two mobile children will be so so different than having one mobile kid and one stationary kid.  she will try to get up on her hands and knees and she flops her arms and legs up and down all together while squawking.  its so cute and it makes me kinda say 'oh how cute, you want to move' in a condescending way in my head.    

she loves to eat and she has tried alot of things by now.  its funny but i think i knew exactly what eden had eaten by seven months.  with etta, i am trying hard to think of all the things ive thrown her way.  she loves oats and bananas and carrots and zucchini.  she is not a huge fan of avocado yet which makes me sad, but i will keep trying since liking avocado is a must in the agaba family.  
she loves to bounce in the johnny jump up and in her exer-saucer.  she squawks and chirps and smiles up at me when i walk through the room.
oh and by far, her best smiles go to eden.  they have such a sweet relationship already. eden tries so hard to be gentle and it just seems like etta is so patient with her.  eden will climb in etta's bed to wake her up at the end of a nap or in the morning and etta just glance at me with this knowing look in her eyes. 'shes trying mom, she really is.'