etta mae is 5 months old

five months is almost six months, which is half a year.  what?  how is that even possible?
at five months etta is super smiley and content and weighs just under 15lbs (just went to the doctor).  she really does have a ready smile, which i love.  i like to think that it means she is going to be a joyful person, a content person.  we shall see. 
she is not sitting independently yet but she is getting stronger every day.  she still prefers to sleep on her tummy and gets all sorts of unhappy if she turns over to her back during the night. speaking of nights, they are just kinda ridiculous right now.  we went on a vacation and im convinced that it takes like twice the length of a vacation in order to get back into good sleep patterns.  she dropped her dream feed for a few nights and slept great but now she seems to need it again and im just kinda over it.  i am ready for her to go down at 7:30 and wake up between 6 and 7 and not submit any requests in the mean time.  is that so much to ask?  truly she does usually sleep pretty well but this week has just been a bit of a shit show.  excuse my french.  
she is hating the car less, which is a big plus since we have done a few longer road trips lately, to the beach and to my parent's house.   it was alarming to me to have a kid who HATED the car for the first few months of her life, especially since all those car commercials show parents putting their babies IN the car and driving them around at night to get them to sleep.  ha, not this kid.  (also not this mama anyway but still)  
yesterday i took the girls to a park and put etta mae in one of the baby swings.  she just flopped her pudgy body over the side and smiled and cooed and just delighted everyone who was watching.  its so sweet to have a baby like her in this season of my life.  its been a rougher one emotionally than i would prefer, for a lot of reasons. and honestly i think God sent me this girl at just the right time.  she really does make my spirit lighter.  
its been a real pleasure etta mae.


  1. She is so beautiful and seems to have such a sweet spirit!


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