BAW runion 2016

a few weekends ago i took my girls north for the second annual BAW reunion.  the first annual trip was a couples only trip to nyc last year and it was such a ridiculous hooplah that we decided to do our best to make a reunion happen every year, in some form or fashion.  this year it was the mamas and the kids (minus one).  
the mamas.  these mamas are two of my nearest and dearest and most loyal friends.  we have all known each other since early elementary school and, though we have changed drastically over the last 25 or so years, we have managed to grow with each other through the change.  some seasons were easier than others.  some seasons we were close, some we were less so.  but we have always been in each others lives, and we always will be.
i have an incredible wealth of women in my life who bless me with friendship and fellowship.  but these two stand in a class all their own.  most simply because they knew me when i had the bad bangs, big red rimmed round glasses, braces, acne, insecurity, first heartbreaks and on and on and on. 
so julie and her girls flew in from the northwest, and i picked them up in dc.  we headed up to annapolis for an impossibly fun weekend with kristina, peter, and their three boys.  

julie, travel expert that she is, wanted to take a 'quick' drive around dc to show her daughter avery all the important historical sites.  anyone see a problem with that sentence? anyone?  oh thats right, there is NO such thing as a 'quick' drive around dc.  so after about 45 minutes of missed turns, gps recalculating, laughing till we almost peed, and one quick glance at part of the whitehouse, we gave up and drove north toward annapolis. 
the rest of the weekend consisted of watching the kids run up and down and all around, walking to the playground, a gorgeous afternoon in annapolis, and essentially not sleeping at all because who has time for sleep when you have one weekend with your best buddies?  i have been to annapolis a few times before and was reminded again how much i love the waterfront area.  i know they decorate it really well for the holidays so one goal of mine is to make it back up that way in december some time.
as always, it was sad to say goodbye.  but when you have been friends for the vast majority of your life, you know another hello will come along soon.