etta mae is four months

the fall months are rolling in and we have a healthy and happy four month over here at the agaba house.  we are more and more in love with etta mae each day, especially because each day begins with a full night of sleep.  you see little miss had gotten in the rotten habit (mostly because mama helped her develop the habit) of waking MULTIPLE times a night needing to be pacified.  granted, all it required was a quick paci pop, but it meant that i had to get up multiple times.  AND she had started waking at 4:30 wanting to eat.  i was...not in favor.
so we did three nights of sleep training, which went really really well and were not nearly as bad as they could have been, and now homegirl is sleeping 7:30-6:30/7 with a dream feed at around 10:30.  hoping to drop that dream feed soon because i would still love to get to bed before 11.  

as far as how she is doing, she is really just delightful.  she does get a mean fuss going in the early evening which, unfortunately, is most of the time that robert gets with her.  but all day long she just coos and smiles and drools and spits up.  and the spit up has really increased lately.  so thanks for that.  
robert made the point the other day that we noticed, and were fascinated by, every single little change with eden.  the movements and smiles and laughs and rolling over and even things like finding her toes.  and how with our second, its going by so much more quickly and so much unnoticed.  he is right in that i am not paying nearly as much attention to the details of development this time around.  i do want to try and savor this process with etta, but life is just so fast right now (read eden is just so fast right now) that i just cant seem to zero in on her long enough to take in the micro-changes.  my resolve for her fifth month of life is to pay attention.  alot could happen this month.  sitting, scooting, lots more rolling, teeth (although im not expecting those any time soon since eden was 17 months before her first one popped out).  
one thing i really love about her right now is her ready smile.  recently a friend asked me about a really cute video of etta smiling and asked me what in the world she was smiling so much about.  and i just told her, it was me.  she was just looking at me.  she also always looks like she is trying to say something, like just about to say it.  of course, she doesnt cause she cant.  

four months in and we are bigger and bigger fans.  life with these little ladies is exactly what the doctor ordered