Etta Mae is Three Months

etta is three months!  

a little note.  these are our first monthly photos at our new house and one thing that is OBVIOUSLY missing is the beautiful natural light we had at our old house :(
before i write each monthly post, i go back and read my post from eden's equivalent month.  in eden's three month post, i wrote the following: 'every time she smiles my heart hurts a little cause its so so full that i can't stand it.'  and that is pretty much how it is this second time around.  except this time i also have my almost three year old laughing and chatting in the background, which makes those sweet moments even better.
etta at three months is pretty much a rose in a romper.  she is really content most of the time, she sleeps great, feeds great, and smiles all the live long day.  im like yes. yes please.
she sleeps through the night with a dream feed around 10:30, but i am getting ready to stop that soon and see how she does without it.  and she will stir occasionally at night but be back in a sleep in an instant with a quick paci-pop.  im just about ready to move her to eden's room and let the girls sleep together but there is a part of me that is afraid of doing that.  she sleeps so well right now in our room, and eden sleeps so well...i feel afraid to do anything differently.  
she rolled over for the first time recently, from her front to back.  she enjoys being on her tummy more and more and has really good neck strength.  hopefully she wont get the flat/bald back of her head thing that eden got from laying on her back too much! 
we have also been doing cloth diapers for a few weeks now, since the pooping many times a day phase seems to have subsided.  and can i just say, i LOVE cloth diapers. now, that may only be because im only beginning but really, they look so stinking cute on, and the ones we use work really really well.  and i am so satisfied when i look at her, donning a cloth diaper, and know that im not going to have to go to target and stock up on the disposables.  ahhhhhhhh.  
i think that the thought i have most, when i look at her, is how in the world am i this blessed two times?  after eden, i wont lie, i thought to myself that i must have hit the quota on how much sweetness and love i could get in one child.  but etta mae has come along and awoken every little part of my heart that wakes up for a new baby.  and i get to experience that WHILE also being fully called out and made alive by the life of my three year old.

its good people.  its real good.