topsail pictures part 1

a few weeks ago my family peaced out from normal life and hit the beach for a week.  let me tell you, topsail island is everything.  i mean every little thing.  it is morning tide pools for littles to swim in, its perfect waves for jumping in that are not but so deep, its big wide open beaches for kite flying, its ice cream shops that you visit thrice in a week.  its afternoon storms that are best observed on the porch with a drink in hand, its seafood and surfers and all things beach.  

and here some are my favorite photos...
 the night we arrived, we took the girls down to the shore just to show them the water.  but they were overcome with the intoxicating beach fever and before we knew it they were stripped down and diving in.  it was so enjoyable to watch them interact in such a way with the glory of an evening tide.  it was a great way to start off the week.
 isnt my dad such a handsome man? 
we had a golf cart that we rode to and from the beach each day, which was clutch with four kids and all the gear that goes along with them
 this was pretty much our daily set up, courtesy of dad's efforts 
 big sister night was fantastic.  
we wanted to reward the little girls for all their big sister efforts and the evening was full of matching outfits and ice cream and foot soaks and kites and free of all little sibs. 
more photos to come in a second post