Etta Mae is Two Months Old

at two months i am starting to feel like i know this second daughter and am getting glimpses into who she will become.  she has a very intense stare and as long as she is fed and is not feeling sick, she is content to just stare at whatever/whoever is in her line of sight for the hour or so of each cycle that she is awake.  i love this about her because it means that i can just have her with me, wherever i go and whatever i am up to, and she will be chill. 
i hope chill is a word that continues to describe her since chill is the very thing that eden is not.  and this mama could use a little more chill in the mix
she is sleeping from about 11-7 at night, which is wonderful.  she eats every 3.5 hours during the day, and smiles and engages really sweetly with the people she recognizes well. she loves to sleep in my bed, which she ends up doing for the last hour of her night time stretch every morning.  she is just awake enough around 5 or 6 that she would stay awake in her bassinet.  but if i bring her to bed, she sleeps for another hour or two.  i love this about her, that she gets so calm and passes right back out as soon as she is close to me. it makes me feel all sorts of maternal and awesome.  
she has rolled over a time or two and has good neck strength now. she still does not love tummy time but she will sleep very soundly on her tummy if i let her. oh and she weighs 10lbs 13 oz, which means she has gained just over 3lbs since birth.
eden is still etta mae's number one fan.  and i hope it stays just like that